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Holiday Bundle

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Never tried Bison before? Looking for a great gift idea? Try our Holiday Bundle! A variety pack of different cuts of meat and different flavors of jerky and snack sticks. 100% grass fed, Natural grazing, hormone and antibiotic free animals!


4lbs ground, 8 - 6 oz burger patties, shaved sandwich steak, 4 - 4 oz breakfast sausage patties, 3 packs of snack sticks (Original, Mesquite, Hunters Blend), 3 packs of jerky (Original, Mesquite, Hunters Blend), 1 Sirloin steak, 2 N.Y. Strip steaks, and 1 Delmonico steak.  

FREE SHIPPING! Guaranteed delivery before Dec 25, if ordered before Dec 20!

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