Mud Creek Bison Ranch

The Frontier of the Southern Tier!

White Lightning

     AKA Lightning, has been a member of our herd since he was 6 months old. He and his mother came to us from a family friends farm (where his father, Lightning Senior, still resides) in Wisconsin. He has been a beautiful addition to our family and with every day that passes, he becomes larger, dominant, and more majestic. Our plans for Lightning in 2018 is to provide him with his own herd of females as he has reached breeding age. So... keep an eye out for spring 2019 to see if we have another little "Lightning" running around!

Where do White Bison come from?

A White Bison, or also called a "White Buffalo", is an American Bison that has white hair, either from birth or color change over the course of its life. The primary color of Bison are almost always brown and their skin a dark brown or black. White bison can result from one of several physical conditions:

  • Albinism: A bison who lacks pigment throughout their lives. These Bison may also have hearing and vision problems.
  • Leucism: A bison who lacks partial pigment, white fur but blue eyes. These bison don't have pink skin associated with Albinism. 
  • They may have a rare genetic condition which causes a buffalo to be born white, but to become brown within a year or two as it matures.
  • They may be beefalo, a bison–cattle crossbreed, and thus have inherited the white coloration from their cattle ancestry.

It has been expressed that no matter what the cause, the White Bison is considered to be sacred or spiritually significant to many Native American religions. White Bison are often visited for prayer and other religious rituals. 

According to the National Bison Association, it is extremely rare that a White Bison be born. It is estimated that they only occur one in 10 million births.