Mud Creek Bison Ranch

The Frontier of the Southern Tier!

We are MCBR!

At Mud Creek Bison Ranch, we are focused on providing healthy and happy bison with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We are an "Animal First" farm, which means we work hard every day to make their lives as stress free and healthy as we possibly can. We work diligently to provide the best quality of life for each animal, striving to keep their lives low stress, highly nourished, and as happy as we possibly can. We farm in this manner to provide people the opportunity to experience Bison as they would have lived thousands of years ago.

We vow to never perform artificial breeding techniques, to never cross breed with cattle, or to do anything to genetically alter their species. We also believe in a non hormonal and antibiotic free way of life for these animals. Our animals are considered as pure as the land they roamed and we will work towards preserving their species, this is our vow!

We also believe in a "Herd" mentality. Whether it comes to our Bison or our Family, everything we do on the ranch is to better their lives. Mud Creek Bison Ranch has been family owned and operated since inception in 2013, and with our ever growing passion, we believe that it will be this way for years to come!

With a variety of products to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be happy with our service, our products and our passion!